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Toffee Bars

I wanted to make something sweet to bring to the Superbowl party (along with the cheese straws), and I knew the host would be getting his traditional red velvet cake, so I was looking for another flavor to bring to the mix. I was flipping through my Cookie and Biscuit Bible and came across this […]

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Chocolate and Toffee Chip Cookies

I realized recently, after making my umptieth batch of chocolate chip cookies, that I’ve never actually posted a recipe for them on my site. The truth is, my favorite recipe is the one you find on the Toll House bag of chips. As with everything else, I usually just cut the sugar in the original […]

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Matzah Bark

This recipe, like the macaroons, has only a few ingredients and is pretty simple to make. And, oh boy, is it yummy! The best part? It’s kosher for Passover, even if it seems like you’re cheating! On that note, sorry that this recipe is so belated. I got busy last week and just didn’t get […]

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