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Pumpkin Cheesecake

Just one more pumpkin recipe before the season is officially over. (I haven’t quite determined if December 1st was the cutoff or not.) A friend sent me this cheesecake recipe from Epicurious so I could make it for Thanksgiving, and it was insane. It got rave reviews across the board – a certified 5 Evil Rating. And it’s not […]

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To-Die-For Chocolate Cake

Look, let’s cut to the chase. This is a flour-less chocolate cake that got me an actual standing ovation when I made it last weekend. I’m posting it now so you have time to change all your Thanksgiving dessert plans and make this instead. I will be making it again myself on Thursday, of that […]

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My First Pound Cake

I made my first pound cake a couple of days after Thanksgiving. The rest of the food and desserts I made for Thanksgiving itself are a whole other story, as it probably is for many of you. I hosted at my place this year, well co-hosted as it wasn’t really my idea. Lots of my […]

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