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Key Lime Bars

A coworker was having a Summer Solstice party so I racked my brain for a summery treat to bring. Everyone loves chocolate, of course, but I wanted to do something different. I’d heard tell of tequila being at this party and I instantly thought of margaritas, which led me to think “Lime!” I’d found this recipe […]

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Mini Angel Food Cakes

I had a dinner party a little bit ago, and the menu was packed with awesome southern-themed food. I made BBQ chicken, southwestern stuffed peppers, mac and cheese, biscuits, and roasted asparagus. To top that off, I figured I would need a light dessert, and my sister recommended angel food cake. It was a good […]

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Lemon Glazed Cookies

My company had a beach volleyball day and bbq recently, and I wanted to bring something light and summery. I had just made the Perfectly Chocolate Cake, so I was going for something like the opposite of that. These lemon-glazed cookies came to mind. The last time I made them was for the 4th of […]

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