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S’more Pudding Pie, please

So this was supposed to post on Presidents Day, but I guess it didn’t! Per usual these days, here in southern California anyway, it is February and the temperature is a crisp 80 degrees. That being said, I didn’t want to turn on my oven last week to make dessert! Fortunately, I have a solid, […]

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Chocolate Puddin’ Pie

I’m really all about not baking lately. You read that correctly. I’m looking for any excuse not to turn on the oven because even the thought of it makes me hot. When I do turn on my oven, to roast veggies or make shrinky dinks, I make sure it’s late at night, at an hour […]

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Whipped Cream Filling

A friend of mine made me cream puffs for my birthday this year which, coincidentally, has a lot to do with why I haven’t posted in a while. (Not because of the cream puffs necessarily, but from the general celebrating of many birthdays and going on vacation and mourning the loss of my youth and […]

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