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Fluffernutter Cupcakes

This month’s theme for the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge was “Childhood Memories.” At first I was trying to think of a place – like the beach or the zoo – for decoration purposes, but then it hit me… My favorite lunch I ever had as a kid was a Fluffernutter Sandwich (peanut butter with marshmallow […]

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Homemade Mallomars

When I found this recipe, I knew I had to make them for my dad. Ever since I can remember, my dad has hoarded Mallomars. Why do I use such a strong word? Because they don’t sell them during the summer due to the melt-factor of the cookies. (The main ingredients are chocolate and marshmallow.) […]

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s’morenies (s’more brownies)

I’ll get to my Superbowl post later in the week, but for now these are WAY more important. My coworker came up with that name, I’m just sorry it didn’t occur to me first. Now, I’m not claiming we’re the first to use the name (or concept) of a s’more brownie, but I’ll tell you […]

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