Gingerbread Men – With Style

So I mentioned in this post about Gingerbread Men that I’d gotten a bit creative with my decorating. No lie, I was more excited about decorating these guys than anything else. I’d gotten it in my head that they would just look so cute with sweaters on. But not just any sweaters, obviously… They needed some tacky Christmas sweaters! (Can’t bring myself to say ugly, because look how cute they are!) I found some great sprinkles in a store, and had my red and green frosting on hand.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures for this to be a full tutorial – though this one should suffice – but the tips I will give you are as follows…

Make sure, if you’re using store bought frosting, or even make your own, to use a sturdier (read – more powdered sugar) frosting to create some outlines before flooding with runnier frosting. This way it won’t drip down the sides and ruin your hard work.

Another thing, not really a tip, is that I found it hard to decorate the smaller cookies with enough detail, so I made some 7″ cookies. I really wanted to give these sweaters some flair, and I’m pretty proud of how they turned out! They made some great gifts for people.

IMG_8377_2    IMG_8380_2 IMG_8379_2IMG_8403_2


UPDATE: I made another batch of these bad boys, and they turned out just as cute as the original set (if I do say so myself). Such a fun project!

IMG_8515 IMG_8506 IMG_8504 IMG_8500 IMG_8497


  1. These look amazing! Did they taste as good as they look? Good job 🙂

    1. Thanks, they were delicious! Almost too pretty to eat, though. Almost…

  2. Love these! Too cute : )

  3. […] men went over so well last year, I figured I’d try a new spin on them. After decorating these dapper men, I decided to go straight to designing […]

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