DIY: Colored Sprinkles

For that same pink and grey baby shower, I was asked to make takeaway gifts. I decided sugar cookies were the best option because they taste great, and could easily be made colorful.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the shade of colored sprinkles I was looking for in any stores, but then the DIY gods smiled upon me. I decided to search online for “coloring your own sprinkles,” and found a very helpful step by step post. This was a while ago, and I for some reason cannot find a link to the site I found and used – or remember what blog it was on – though I swore I saved it somewhere, so I profusely apologize to whomever wrote that wonderfully detailed post, but isn’t getting credit.

So now that I know I can color my own sprinkles, it might just be the way to go. Instead of spending money on different colors for every occasion, I can go buy big bins of white or clear sprinkles and make your own – and just as much as I need, which isn’t usually an entire bottle. But you decide for yourself.


  • icing color (I think you can use liquid coloring or powder for this, too)
  • clear or white sprinkles/jimmies/non-pareils/sugar (translucent, shimmery, coarse, fine whatever you like)
  • plastic, zip-top bag
  • toothpicks


Pour as many sprinkles as you think you’ll need (half a container, a full container, whatever) into the plastic bag.  Then – a little bit at a time like you would for coloring frosting – use a toothpick to place some icing color on a inside of the bag. (Or, for liquid, add a drop at a time.)


Close the seal, and use your fingers to rub the coloring onto the sprinkles. Keep shaking the bag and squishing everything around to make it all evenly coated, and add more color until you reach your desired shade.


When you have a tint that you like, pour the sprinkles out in a bowl, or anything open-air, for maybe an hour so the color can set. Then, you’re ready to roll! If you’re not planning to use them right away, just make sure to store them in an airtight container.

I  made a darker shade and a lighter shade, and they both look glittery and magical. And it barely took 5 minutes active time to make. This will save you so much money and grief come holiday season when all the colors you need are always sold out, hello Halloween and Christmas. But the best part is that these store for a long time, so you can start experimenting with different colors and types of sprinkles now.



  1. That is the cutest idea, I love sparkly foods 😀


    1. Right? And add custom color to that, and the world is yours!

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