Matzah Brei

Another Passover classic is matzah brei, which is a breakfast dish along the lines of french toast. My mom always made this for us growing up, and it’s quite tasty, as well as easy to make.

You can serve it either sweet or savory, and for this breakfast I opted to top it with some blackberry jelly from Oregon Stirrings that I purchased at a crafts fair. (I also bought a fabulous marmalade that day, which goes great with salted butter on matzah. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a company website to share with you.)

MATZAH BREI – 2 servings

  • 2 sheets of matzah – broken into bite-sized pieces
  • hot water (to cover matzah)
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • splash of milk – optional

Start off by soaking your matzah in the hot water. This step isn’t for the faint if heart – especially if you’re like me and squishy things, like cereal that’s been in milk too long, are unappetizing to you. The purpose of this step is to moisten the matzah enough that it will absorb the egg. You want the matzah soft, but not disintegrating, I’d leave it in the water no longer than 2 minutes.

While that’s soaking, in a separate bowl, you can beat your egg with the optional milk. Next, you will literally squeeze out the water from the matzah. Put the matzah into a bowl and add the egg mixture, stirring to make sure it’s all coated.

Heat up a skillet on the stove and melt some butter in it. Then, cook your matzah brei like an omelet, or french toast, letting it set on one side before flipping it over. I used one egg for a sheet of matzah in mine, and it was a bit too eggy, but still tasty. Then, as I mentioned earlier, I topped it with jelly. You can also use powdered sugar, syrup, or maybe even charoset. To make it savory, you can add onions to the pan while it’s cooking, as well as salt and pepper.

Hope you found this to be another easy recipe you can enjoy while keeping Kosher for Passover this week. I’m hoping to post one more before it’s over, but otherwise I’ll just have more in the arsenal to try for next year. What are your favorite Passover breakfast recipes?

One comment

  1. A Passover version of French toast? How festive and decadent!

    Choc Chip Uru

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