Chocolate Puddin’ Pie

I’m really all about not baking lately. You read that correctly. I’m looking for any excuse not to turn on the oven because even the thought of it makes me hot. When I do turn on my oven, to roast veggies or make shrinky dinks, I make sure it’s late at night, at an hour where I can have the windows open and it will actually make a difference in the temperature.

So at the end of my post about my Cool Whip Pie last week, I’d mentioned there were other recipes on the Cool Whip packaging. The following is a modification of one of those recipes (I watch a lot of procedural tv shows, sorry). This recipe is just as simple as the last – only 3 ingredients (plus a garnish, if you like), and a similar (minimal) prep time. The only reason I modified the recipe (which you can read yourself when you buy the Cool Whip) is because I didn’t have pudding mix at home, only snack packs. It worked just as well, I’m sure.


  • 1 container Cool Whip
  • 4 individual serving chocolate pudding snack packs
  • 1 premade chocolate crust (I bought one, shocker)
  • Optional – chocolate for garnish

Open up the snack packs and empty them into a bowl. Add in a bit more than 1/2, but no more than 3/4, the container of Cool Whip. It doesn’t have to be exact – you’re going to use the rest of it at the end, I just don’t think you need that much pure, raw, unadulterated whipped topping left over.

Mix the contents of the bowl until it’s smooth and even. You don’t have to go crazy or break a sweat, you just want it mixed together as best you can get. The Cool Whip packaging advises against stirring it too much anyway.

Pour the filling into your prepared pie crust, then smooth it out. Add the remainder of the Cool Whip to the top and spread evenly.

Then feel free to add a chocolate garnish if you like. (How’d I do it? Easy peasy – chocolate bar and veggie peeler – or you could use mini chocolate chips.) Pop it into the fridge or freezer to set (fridge if you have a couple/few hours, freezer if you need it to set quicker).

I hope you get to enjoy one of these this summer!


  1. yum yum – as soon as summer gets to sa i am going to try these recipes

  2. oh wow there goes my willpower!

  3. I want this so badly right now!

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