Birthday Garden Cupcake

This month’s theme for the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge, hosted by the lovely Jamieanne over at Sweetest Kitchen, is particularly exciting for me because it’s the most shallow competition yet; the birthday-themed cupcakes will be judged solely on their looks! This is great news for me, and probably for the other contestants, because I won’t have to worry about sending my cupcakes all over the country for my potential voters to verify that they are, in fact, yummy enough to win a prize. (Which they always are, mind you.) You can actually vote based on which you think are the prettiest! Yay!

When Jamieanne announced this month’s theme, she posted that we likely know someone with a birthday in March, and she’s right. This month’s birthday, 3 days from now in fact, is that of a very special woman – my mom! I decided to bake my Birthday Garden cupcakes in her honor, and even though she won’t actually get to eat one, being 3,000 miles away and all, everyone who did get a sample enjoyed it. (Some even took pictures before eating.)

Since flavor wasn’t going to be judged, I opted to make a basic chocolate cupcake, mom loves chocolate – one of the many wonderful things I inherited from her, and I topped them with a plain buttercream frosting to allow for easier coloring and decorating. I added teal and green color to the edges hoping to gain a whimsical striped effect. Then, I planted some pink and purple flowers along the way. As a last minute adornment, I added some decorative “beading” with more light green frosting. The cupcake topper, and pièce de résistance, was a purple royal icing flower.

I was truly inspired by my mother as I decorated these cupcakes; smiling along the way thinking how much she’d enjoy them. The bright springtime colors and flowers seem a perfect homage to her since she always makes sure to plant a garden.

And now for the goods… Happy Birthday, Mom!

If you think my Birthday Garden Cupcake is pretty enough to win, please make sure to vote over at Sweetest Kitchen from March 21-26th! (Voting is now over!) Thanks so much!

The winner of March’s Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge will receive prizes from:

Thank you to all our prize sponsors, and to Jamieanne for hosting!


  1. These are absolutely fantastic! So beautiful – you can tell that these treats are a labour of love 🙂 I bet your Mom wished she could have tasted one! Good luck in the competition!

  2. Richard Ferdman · · Reply

    Beautiful cupcakes. How can I get these sent via a courier from LA? I am sure there are some choices. well let’s chat..

  3. Lovely, lovely cupcakes! The flower of royal icing is amazing and the colour combination of the whole cupcake is great too! Best of luck in the competition!

  4. Priscilla Krikorian · · Reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous cupcakes, and a heartwarming tribute to your Mom on her birthday! The colors are perfect and the design and creativity are beyond professional grade…they are simply perfect!! Congratulations on a masterful (and delicious) work of art!

  5. How cute is that???

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