Random things I feel compelled to tell you

So I haven’t baked anything since last weekend (I plan to make stuff for an upcoming volleyball tourney on Saturday – G-d help me), but that doesn’t mean that other non-baking related stuff hasn’t been happening.

I feel you should all know that I just watched the season finale of Deadliest Catch last night. I don’t know if any of you out there watch it (though really every self-respecting American should) but it’s this fantastic show where you watch people on a boat, in bad weather, and they fish for crab. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, and you get to know the crew members on each of the ships they follow each season. Pretty rugged and manly, right? So how is it that I have cried more during this season of Deadliest Catch than I have during, probably, any other show I have ever watched… ever?

I’m talking tears streaming, sobbing, snot dripping all over kind of crying. Wailing really.Now if you’re confused as to why I’m crying during a show about crab fishing, you might not know that one of the “characters” on the show, Captain Phil Harris, passed away suddenly after a massive stroke back in February.

I feel that’s kind of the illogical thing about my reaction. I knew, along with everyone else who reads the news, that he’d passed away back in February when it actually happened. My reaction wasn’t nearly so strong back then. I mean, it was sad and all, but he had been having health problems so it was less surprising that he’d been ill than if it had been someone else in the fleet.

Now I’ll tell you, hearing about something via AOL News, or whatever, is very different than seeing the final days of someone’s life being played out on television. For that very reason I had avoided watching the final few episodes because I didn’t really want to see it, it was too real. You get surprisingly attached to people just by watching them on TV. I kind of see why crazy, stalkery people feel like they know the celebrities they go after. I’ve watched this man and his sons working together for a few years now, I’ve celebrated their big catches from the comfort of my living room, just as I’ve shared in their frustration in hauling pots with low crab numbers by grabbing some junk food from the kitchen and stuffing my face. I mean, I know these guys.

To top that off, you ever notice there’s just something about seeing big, burly, manly-men breaking down and crying that just tears your heart into pieces? Watching all those guys, first as they found out Phil was sick, and then later seeing how they reacted to his passing… again, snot everywhere. It was really touching how each boat made a tribute to him in some way though. The Time Bandit set off fireworks, The Wizard set a full pot back with a commemorative buoy (Please leave here in memory of Phil Harris) so that he’d always have a full pot to come back to (that one REALLY got me), and everyone on the Northwestern set out flaming hooks to all catch the last pot together. Emotion, drama, and reality at its best.

Anyways, I’m glad I was there with them, and I’m even happier that it’s all behind me now. I need a breather from all that. I’d say “Yay” for So You Think You Can Dance, in all its lighthearted fun, but really, as contestants are leaving each week, that’s getting more emotional too. I am a mess.

In other news, I made a cake for the Threadcakes competition, and as soon as I get my act together I’ll post more about that.

For now, here’s a teaser…

Awww yeah! Thanks for indulging me!

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