the rise of an empire

It would be easy to say that my baking kick started with Wilton Cake Decorating classes, but that was just what opened the floodgates. It’s probably more accurate to acknowledge that Cake Wrecks had a bigger part to inspire my taking the class than my love of baking. I’ve always liked baking, I remember getting out the NY Times cookbook back in high school, but I didn’t start really fattening people up until the past year or so.

For the most part I sit at a desk all day and do technical work, so I really need a creative outlet when I’m home. I love to paint, I play tennis (not really creative, but certainly an outlet), and I love crafting things. If it involves stickers and anything that sparkles I’m in, no questions asked. So for me baking is something I can do with my hands, and chocolate chips are kind of like glitter…

Anyways, once I started making pretty cakes, I began keeping track of what I’ve made. My favorite things to make are cookies, but I do hope to try new things. I find that I prefer decorating cakes to actually making them, so I tend towards baking basic cakes I can prettify with icing. Cookies don’t need decoration for the most part, butter and sugar are attractive enough themselves (yes, I use real butter and sugar, otherwise what’s the point?)

So here’s to my journey in baking, from past to future. I’ll start you off with my cake chronology.

My first decorated cake, EVER! (Well that didn’t have icing from a can). Not bad for a picture from a camera phone.

Class 2 was the creepy clown cake. I couldn’t bring myself to shell out money for those horrible clown heads, so I made do with markers and toothpicks. The color was inspired by the walls of my apartment. Yes, I live in a clown cake of color.

Our last cake was roses. What a PITA. The cake was fantastic though, I made chocolate with peppermint icing this time.

Nothing but rave reviews from the coworkers, despite the fact that those are NOT colors found in nature. (thanks guys!)

Following that up, I lost a bet to a coworker. My Miami Hurricanes lost to his Virginia Tech Hokies in college football. That was a dark week in the office. The cupcakes were just part of the wager… the more delicious part.

Here’s a birthday cake homage to the web site that started it all for me… I looked up the logo online, that’s right, isn’t it?

From there, it came time to do a custom cake for the boss. It doesn’t hurt that we like the same team.

And finally, Halloween. The true test of my decorating skills… this time with cream cheese frosting with a hint of cinnamon on a pumpkin spice cake. (Oh how delicious my house smelled afterwards…)

I’ve been baking up a storm since these photos were taken, and I’ll get around to posting more pictures and stories, but for now I thank you for indulging me and joining my empire!


  1. Kick ass and take names, Bun! I’m drooling over those chocolate crinkles!!! The vegan version is probably just as yummy, so I’m going to try them just for you.

  2. This is the most amazing website. I love reading all about you and your cooking adventures. It looks like so much fun. You should open a bake shop. You are amazing!

  3. I can’t believe you’ve done all this. Wow!!! Puts me to shame. I thought I was good. Love ya.

  4. I think you are on to something! A career with a creative outlet! Good luck!

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