I was hoping to squeeze in some more holiday recipes before, you know, the holidays… So here’s another one! I’ve always wanted to try these, and today seemed to be the day. I’m having dinner with some friends and I offered to bring a salad, and I got it in my mind to do a […]

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A friend sent me this recipe and, as she’s responsible for a number of the killer sweets you’ll find on this site, of course I was going to try it. And how pretty are these cookies? Who can resist? They reminded me immediately of the movie Elf. All I kept thinking when looking at them […]

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So it’s my 5 year anniversary of having this blog, which is kind of insane. I also just passed 200 posts. Quite an accomplishment considering I’ve slowed down with my baking. But it’s a big reason to celebrate, so we should dress up in our ugly holiday sweaters! Okay, there’s no way you’d call these […]

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**The free download days are over, but these Real Life Legal™ books are still a great resource if you’re looking for some legal info but aren’t sure if you need to involve a lawyer.** Hello readers! I’m excited to tell you guys about this because it’s something I’ve been working hard on, as has my mother. […]

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My friends and I were doing dinner and a movie one night, Parenthood, back during stone fruit season so I’m sorry this is super late, and I wanted to make a dessert that went with meatloaf. The hostess suggested a peach pie, so here we are. I decided to use the basic recipe I used […]

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I made another cereal bar, I know you’re shocked! This particular experiment involved Reese’s Puffs Cereal. I wanted to enhance them, a la the s’more bars, so I added a drizzle of peanut butter and chocolate over the top. Yummers. Now, I will admit, these weren’t my favorite because the cereal didn’t have as much crunch […]

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So in my never-ending quest to see how different cereals work within the parameters of a Rice Krispie Treat recipe, I decided to try out some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. (Previously I’ve experimented with Fruity Pebbles and Golden Grahams.) These were pretty bombtastic, as some people say. I wanted to enhance the cinnamon and french-toasty flavors, […]

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