The original recipe called them egg tarts, but I was calling them egg cups, so there. I’d intended to make a quiche, but thought individual protein pies would be a better idea. My only regret is not making twice as many! They were wildly popular with my brunch guests, and I wouldn’t have minded a […]

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For New Year’s brunch, I had toyed with the idea of making muffins, but then I thought maybe a coffee cake would be a better option for a bigger group. I had made kawfee cake once previously, but I really wanted to transform these muffins into a loaf of sorts. (And yes, I would still marry those […]

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Happy new year! I decided, once again, to host a brunch at my place on New Year’s Day. I wanted to shake things up from last year, and while I was preparing food for 12 people, I still wanted to make it as easy on myself as possible. And I thought pancakes would be a […]

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So I mentioned in this post about Gingerbread Men that I’d gotten a bit creative with my decorating. No lie, I was more excited about decorating these guys than anything else. I’d gotten it in my head that they would just look so cute with sweaters on. But not just any sweaters, obviously… They needed […]

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I, like many of you I’m sure, have been getting into the holiday spirit what seems to be a lot earlier than usual. Now that I have a shiny new kitchen, complete with a new gas range, it was time to test it out on some baked goods. I’ve been really excited to make, and […]

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The second recipe my friend and I tested from this wonderful BuzzFeed list was this quiche. I’d say, in this case, I felt the term quiche was loosely defined, but hot damn did it taste incredible. The recipe we used was from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. There were a couple of personal taste, “choose your breakfast destiny” […]

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A friend of mine posted this to Facebook one day, with the tagline “I may never cook again.” After scanning through the list of microwavable meals for one, and since we had a dinner date coming up anyway, I (only 1/8 joking) suggested we try making some of these for a meal. We set out […]

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